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Things I've Worked On

A few recent projects:



Designed and wrote Android software for a conservation charity that needed a new way to measure human fishing activity in coral reefs. 

London-based Blue Ventures wanted to put a phone app in the hands of villagers in Madagascar and Indonesia. The idea was that when fisherwomen returned from boat trips to catch sea life, someone could be standing by with this app to inspect their buckets, measure the octopus, collect other data and sync it to the cloud. Then the locals would  receive charts and infographics about how much was caught.

All this had to be customizable from a CMS, easy to use with slippery hands, and able to run in any language, including the local dialect of Vezo. Another challenge was to run offline-first so that the app could be reliable even in areas with spotty or nonexistent 3G connections.

Technologies used: React Native, Java, Firebase, SQL


Coming soon to iPhone: challenge your views of nature with surprising facts about animals -- flattering and unflattering. Swipe right if a shocking fact about assaulting baby seals leaves you with the unavoidable sense that the creature before you is "red in tooth and claw." Swipe left if you just can't bring yourself to designate a capybara an utter b***tard.

Animal facts provided by Dr. Mary Cavanagh, formerly of the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo.

Technologies used: Swift 4


I was commissioned to design and build a prototype of a Tinder-for-surfers iOS app, released by a California surf lessons company. Find surfing partners and instructors using filterable criteria. Includes live chat.

Technologies used: Swift 2, Firebase, MongoDB