Past App Work

Android apps for NatureGuides

Mid-2018 – Jan. 2021

I maintained and and modernised a suite of Android nature software. Mainly I was the sole responsible developer for the Android version of the Collins Bird Guide. One of the Play Store’s top paid apps, CBG re-imagines the popular reference book. Aiming at the serious birder, it combines granular search tools with maps, videos and facts served in 28 languages, working from a large and continually evolving taxonomic database.

During my tenure I rewrote a quarter of the code in Kotlin, brought old design patterns into the ViewModel era and improved search engine performance.

I also worked on:

Madagascar octopus app for Blue Ventures


For a wildlife monitoring project, I designed and built a React Native app for use on the beaches of Madagascar by octopus fishers. When they returned from the sea, the fishers would report their hauls to an app user, who would collect data about what they had brought back. The challenge was to design something we could rely on to send data to the cloud in a low-bandwidth environment.