Thoughtfully-built apps

John Gorenfeld

Hi! I’m a freelance coder who works on apps about the natural world. I live in the UK with my spouse and toddler. Originally from California, I’m also a former occasional journalist who has published a book or two and written for the Guardian and other publications.

Lately I have done a lot of Android work, developing the Collins Bird Guide and other Java/Kotlin apps. But I also work with JavaScript (NodeJS, ReactJS/Native) and Python, with some experience in Swift/Objective-C.

I like to write code that is modern, well-tested, and easy to read and maintain. To stay abreast of new technologies (I’m learning Haskell right now), I sometimes work on side projects that have been featured in places like Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

If you’d like to discuss a project, large or small, drop me a line.